"Kaci has such confidence in using programs I've never heard of to do things I've never seen done before, thus creating brilliant results in short amounts of time. I'm so satisfied with the top-notch quality work he delivers, as well as the ease with which it comes. His joyful energy helps keep me motivated through projects.


When I struggle to understand, Kaci has an uncanny ability to translate business legalese into language that makes sense to me. Additionally, he translates my own words into business legalese, when I need a more formal way to articulate my thoughts, or to complete important documents.


He also has this ability to help draw me out. By asking leading, and follow up questions, he shows me things that I truly desired, but didn't think were possible, so I didn't think to ask. He helps me see possibilities, and is so supportive in helping me reach for them. I really found a gem here.

We’ve rebranded two of my businesses, created a new logo for NikNeuro (plus a temporary new logo for my art business), designed new business cards for both businesses, designed pamphlets for NikNeuro, created all kinds of new assets, and built a website (www.NikNeuro.com). Plus, he’s helped me get organized by teaching me to use Google Drive, Google Docs and other tech that is scary for me. He’s even researched grants, and all in just 3 months! All of those things took me 3 years to create by myself - and I had been shopping professionals for years, constantly disappointed with the results. Kaci helped me up my game to a whole new playing field. He is such an amazing part of my team. It's only up from here!"

-Nik Neu of NikNeuro